Ayandeh Bank Achivement

Ayandeh Bank has promoted its banking services by utilizing valuable human resources, up-to-date knowledge and technology; within the framework of the four principles of simplicity, trust, accuracy and speed. The bank’s main achievements in2014/2015were as


Taking the 18th rank among the Top 100 premier Iranian companies in 1394 (2015/2016), that is an improvement of 6 ranks compared with the previous year , and Ayandeh Bank Due to positive change sales rank in almost four years was rank among the “10 Pioneer companies” in this ranking.

Ayandeh Bank Total Sales in 2015/2016 Total Sales in 2014/2015 Total Sales in 2013-2014 Total Sales in 2012-2013 Total Sales in 2011-2012
111,297 73,839 41,617 11,561 4,630
Rank in 2015-2016 Rank in 2014-2015 Rank in 2013-2014 Rank in 2012-2013 Rank in 2011-2012
18 24 37 86 125

Ayandeh Bank has received the following certificates, appreciations and awards:

  • Certificate of Commitment to Excellence,EFQM
  • Certificate of Appreciation, 4th ICT Iran National Quality Award
  • Certificate of Appreciation for providing electronic banking services, 5thICT Iran National Quality Award
  • Statue, the 13th Iranian National Conference on Accounting
  • Statue for ideation and smart tools, the 2nd Iran MobiCode 2014
  • Golden statue,the 4thContestto honor elite public relations departments
  • Statue and certificate of appreciation, the 3rd International IranBank Festival 2012
  • Statue, the Nimkat National PlayreadingFestival
  • Certificate of appreciation,communication developmentsenior manager, the international symposium on public relations
  • Customer satisfaction statue, the 1stNational Customer Satisfaction Festival on Banking and Insurance
  • Certificate of appreciation from the 1stNational Advertising Festival
  • Certificate of appreciation and special statue for Hadaf(Personal Revenue and Expense Management)system from the 5th annual conference on e-banking and payment system
  • Certificate of appreciation and statue from Iran Transaction Exhibition (ITE)2015
  • Top public relations Appreciation certificate in field of communication researches from the 12th Top Public Relations festival
  • Futsal championship among private banks (finishes first)
  • European Innovation Award
  • Certificate of appreciation for quality management in offering E-banking,from the 6thInformation and Communication Technology for Iranian National Quality Award (ICTINQA)
  • Award from ICT National Festival for e-banking services