Brokerage Firm

Services that can be rendered in corporate banking are defined in two categories:

a. Transaction services and products in the capital market; and
b. Economic/financial consulting services and financing for companies.

1. Transactional Services and Products in Capital Market

  • Providing a variety of capital market transactions in stock exchange, OTC, and Iran’s commodity and energy exchange companies
  • Providing real-time trading services to companies, executives and their personnel
  • Offering a variety of telephone trading services, consulting and market information in forms of phone calls, SMS and e-mails
  • Buying and selling goods and products listed on Iran Mercantile Exchange and the products offered in the Energy Exchange
  • Providing all kinds of mobile and immobile property transactions in the secondary Iran Mercantile Exchange Market

2. Providing Consulting, Economic/Financial Services and Financing to Companies

  • Providing consulting, and implementing the adoption process of companies in secondary stock exchanges
  • Offering consulting services, implementation and establishment of various types of investment funds
  • Formation and management of specific baskets in stock exchange markets for companies and their personnel
  • Offering technological, communication and information solutions to companies in order to connect to banking and capital market systems
  • Providing financial and investment training in the area of capital markets and similar financial and monetary markets
  • Offering all current services in capital market and securities services typically offered in the country’s financial environment
  • Consulting, designing, implementing, sales and marketing a variety of financing securities with fixed and variable income in forms of bonds, Islamic securities (promissory notes) and various deposit certificates
  • Providing a variety of financial advisory services regarding cash management, financial structural reform, financial statement analysis, asset management and investment companies, and leading them to the capital market
  • Advising in regard to the revaluation and valuation of companies and to help companies to increase their capital
  • Developing and studying a variety of economic and financial analyzes for corporate executives to make projections and better decisions
  • Portfolio management of the assets of legal entities;
  • Agency services