Electronic Corporate Banking

The following services in the field of electronic banking can be offered to organizations and companies:

  • Connecting sale terminals to specific business systems
  • PC-POS
  • Deposit ID
  • Installation of ATM and check-receiving machines for large organizations
  • Offering e-banking to real and legal entities
  • Offering online payment portal
  • Issuing bonus cards for employees of large organizations
  • Issuing Iran Card
  • Issuing gift cards at any requested amount and any accompanying printed good wishes
  • Receiving tax and duties of organizations electronically and issuing various charge cards
  • Designing Debit Card to be used as ID cards by employees of organizations with more than 5,000 workforce
  • Opening accounts in organizations and companies through the Bank’s Virtual Branch
  • Offering exclusive and special Virtual Counter
  • Steady payments of companies via PAYA, SATNA, and SAHAB (Retail Funds Transfer System) systems
  • Issuing and decoding encrypted checks
  • Customizing products for value-creating companies