Credit Card

Ayandeh Bank credit card is a new bank service that enables customers, who enjoy credit support in a bank, pay for their today’s purchases later in future.

Credit card is offered with the aim of increasing purchasing power of customers. Unlike other bank cards, it is not an instrument for withdrawals or use of funds in deposit accounts. Rather, it is a tool to use a definite amount of credit in a given period of time the bank considers for its customer. The holder of credit cards would be able to purchase products and receive services by using them in all shopping stores, centers with sales terminals and many websites with online stores.

Credit cards are issued in two categories of one installment credit with maturities up to 12 months after the end of the recess and credit installments up to 36 months after the end of the recess. The amounts are issued as follows:

1. Golden Credit Card with a ceiling amount of 500 million IRR.

2. Silver Credit Card with a ceiling amount of 300 million IRR.

3. Bronze Credit Card with a ceiling of 100 million IRR.

The interest rate of the credit facilities will be calculated on the basis of the interest rate of non-cooperative contracts, adopted by the Monetary and Credit Council during the period of using the credit card and based on the period/periods since the credits have been used till the installment/installments due dates, equivalent to 18 percent. The card is valid for a maximum of one year, but can be renewed upon the bank satisfaction and according to circumstances.