Legal Internet Banking

In line with the expansion of e-banking services as well as facilitate the provision of services to "legal customers or subscribers" or Business Internet Banking (BIB), Ayandeh Bank has launched a specific online banking system for these individuals.

Considering that the money transfer transactions for legal entities need a few signatures, therefore e-banking system specific for real persons is not responsive to legal customers.

BIB system offers the opportunity to transfer money with several signatures while providing conditions to cash money from the defined account in the branch through internet.

How to Join the System

Holders of legal or joint bank accounts can log in the bank’s website,, and select legal e-banking, or directly go to, and apply to join BIB. When the system is uploaded and the option membership is selected, the customer should specify whether she/he wants legal or joint e-banking services, then, fill the application form and choose the branch for authentication of identity and receiving encryption device. Finally, a username and tracking number should be received.

After 48 hours, all applicants or their representatives (carrying official introductory letters from the company) can go to the branch, submit username and tracking number, and ask for authentication of their identity and receiving encryption device.

Forty-eight hours after receiving encryption device, the e-banking system would be available to these customers.

Services Provided by the System

In general, the following operations can be done through this website:

Viewing account summary, account balances and bills Transferring money to your account and other accounts and inter-bank transfers (SATNA, PAYA) (SATNA: Real Time Gross Settlement System) Transaction management and reporting Check status inquiry Changing username specifications and system deactivation

Stages of Transferring Funds

Wire transfer is one of the most important features of this system that will be explained briefly in the following columns:

Users of the system are normally divided into two categories of administrators and ordinary users whose status have been determined when signing up in the system.

To transfer money through the system, the administrator should initially fill the application form for money transfer; then if it is signed electronically by authorized users (through using encryption device) and after the system checks the conditions for withdrawal, the money will be transferred.

Important Points

When completing the membership form, you must be careful with selecting the branch that is going to deliver the encryption device, as you have to go to the same branch for authentication of identity and receiving encryption device.

After successfully registering in the system, it is required to print the registered request in which the final username and tracking number and other specifications are included. Hand in the print as well as other required documents to the related authority in the selected branch. Obviously, after authentication of your identity, activation of your username and receiving encryption device in the branch, you as a user of the system, can have access to the system.

In case your encryption device is either defective or missing, you can apply online for new encryption device through the system.

Should any question or problem arise, our colleagues at the Bank’s contact center are ready to respond to customers 24/7.