Ayandeh Sazaccount

Drop by drop fills the tub…

Customers, with the opening of Ayandeh Saz account, in addition to benefiting from temporary monthly interest proportional to the expiry date of the deposit, can automatically take advantage of other investment funds accrued and the interest accrued on the deposit at the end of the deposit period, and thus benefit from the maximum possible efficiency from their investments within the framework of the Islamic Republic of Iran Central Bank laws and regulations. It is also possible to deposit money into this account.

In addition to being desirable for customers who want to have outright long-term investment and monthly dividends reinvested, this kind of deposit is favorable for those who wish to deposit their savings gradually for themselves or for their children. It is designed in such a way that corresponding interest to long-term deposits are paid as customers pay their monthly deposits.

Also, it can be determined that an amount from other accounts be drawn and deposited in Ayandeh Saz account automatically without requiring to go to the branch every month.