Retail Banking

Ayandeh Bank will help customers manage their money and make the most of their finances. Whatever their needs, from current and saving accounts to loans and cards, Ayandeh Bank will bring the banking solutions they require.

Retail Banking Services

Long Term Investment Deposit
Short Term Investment Deposit
Future Building Investment Deposit
GharzolHasaneh Saving Deposit
“Future Hope” GharzolHasaneh Saving Deposit
GharzolHasaneh Current Deposit
Issuance of Cashier’s Checks
Issuance of Inter-Bank Checks
Collection of All Ordinary Checks of Other Banks
Offering Duplicate Checkbooks to Legal Persons
Accepting Post-Dated Checks of Other Banks on Consignment to Be Collected
Quick Issuance of All Types of Letters of Guarantee
Issuance of All Types of Letters of Guarantee for Companies with Commission Discounts
Easy Reception of Letters of Guarantee to Participate in Tenders and Auctions
Payment against 10 percent Cash Plus Mortgages
Commission against First Category Mortgages such as Cash, Deposits and Bonds: 0.5 percent
Commission against Second Category Immovable Mortgages: 0.75 percent
Commission against Third Category Mortgages such as Checks and Promissory Note: 1 percent