Consulting Services

Although in all periods of time and all walks of life, advice and consultation have been of importance to humans who somehow see themselves in need of consultation with others, but today, due to the specific characteristics of the business environment, the necessity of paying attention to consulting is of great importance, so that the more specialized sciences, the more vital and more urgent would be consulting services. Recognizing the value and position of VIP customers, Ayandeh Bank is making efforts to provide them with special and unique services in various banking and financial areas. Among these services are:

TaxConsulting Services to Clients

To create balance on paying taxes, we need to have detailed knowledge of the rules and follow them accordingly. Therefore, the Private Banking department allows our customers to do their own tax affairs, if they wish so, or leave it to the professionals on the job. In the first stage, the tax declaration on the annual transactions of VIP clients will be prepared and then sent to the tax office.

Legal Advisory Services

Today, with the increasing role of law in regulating social behavior and due to the specialization of adjudication in the field of justice and the need to avoid suffering losses, legal counsel in many matters of life is an inevitable necessity. This service is currently limited to consultation in person, by phone, online and collaboration in the signing of some contracts.

Real Estate Consulting Services

Given the importance of the housing market in the country that requires special expertise and for being successful in this market, Ayandeh Bank, by using specialized and experienced real estate consultants, made efforts to provide specialized counseling in the areas of buying, selling, mortgaging and renting real estate.