Wealth Management

Among a collection of services that private banking units offer to customers, the most important is wealth management. Wealth management means how to invest the customers’ deposits and surplus money so that proportional to the risk they are interested to accept, profits would be achieved. Considering the economic, social, political and cultural conditions, Ayandeh Bank will provide its customers with options such as the following:

  • Investment in a variety of deposits and underwritings
  • Investment in joint investment funds
  • Investment in joint stock companies
  • Investment in lands and buildings investment funds
  • Investment in foreign currencies

Proprietary Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is a process during which an investment expert, based on the characteristics, the level of risk an investor is ready to accept and the amount to invest, sets up a matching portfolio and continuously monitors and manages actions and always takes necessary decisions in order to achieve the objectives of the portfolio and increasing its value. The major advantage of portfolio management is in using the potential of professional portfolio management teams specialized in investment. This would causethat financial reports and news on the capital markets be examined accurately and a final decision be made and implemented.