Tajrobeh Iranian Fund

Joint investment funds are one of the many financial intermediates, including institutions that by continuous selling of investment units to the public, earn money in a diverse mix of securities including stocks, bonds, short term money market instruments and other assets, and invest them professionally with regard to the fund’s goals.

Market experts consider investment funds as the best option for those who are interested in capital market and return, but they consider direct investment as the risky one; or they don’t have enough time to manage their assets. Since these funds are under supervision of the securities and exchange organization, as the highest capital market supervisory in the country, people can invest in them with confidence and can enjoy some advantages of that, such as professional asset management, decreasing in the risk of direct investment, liquidity guarantee and information transparency. Those who are enthusiastic about investing inTajrobeh Iranian Fund can go to the one of the Ayandeh Bank’s branches with their identification documents and try to register at the fund.